Not your average Joe…

What do happy meal toys, broken Bionicle pieces, loose Mega Bloks, Mardi Gras beads, and wrestling figures with missing limbs have in common? If you guessed things that you can find in the loose toy bin in your local Goodwill then you are correct.  If you guessed things that make you want to take your […]

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The Art of Bundling

So the other day I managed to actually get a score off of craigslist, which hasn’t happened since that time I accidental miscategorized my looking for games ad in the “personals” section instead of in “video games”. So I was browsing through craigslist bypassing the normal $200 NES minis, $400 Switch systems, and a ton […]

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Getting a NES Mini for free

So let me preface this entire blog by saying I’m a dirty dirty reseller.  I said this on my very first blog, but to have the size of collection that I have reselling/flipping is a must.  I can’t pick up every thing I want and pay full retail for it. What I can do however […]

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