Who I am

Hello everyone.  You are probably wandering who I am and why in the world you would want to read a blog from me.  Well let me give you a brief explanation of why I think my blog will be worthy of a read every now and then…

My name is Trevor, aka Retro Rewinder, or if you watch my youtube channel I am also a “Retro Game Finder” which is what I wanted to write about.  Since approximately 2005 I have been collecting video games.  I started as a Junior in High School when I first got the itch of collecting when I bought my buddie’s Sega Genesis collection for $30.Since then I have always been on the look out for the next retro score.

I played three sports in High School and somehow managed to find a free night of the week every now and then to work a part time job at a pizza joint.  Obviously I didn’t have a ton of disposable income to spend on video games in High School so I learned quickly that if I wanted to collect I was going to have to find my games on a shoestring budget.  This began my obsession with thrift stores, pawn shops, and garage sales.  Fast forward to now and I have learned a ton about finding games on the cheap.  I have also become quite savvy in the art of “flipping”.  Yes I am a dirty reseller and if anyone has any decent sized collection that doesn’t flip things  you just have to assume they are making a killing selling China White Heroine to school aged kids behind the local Wal-Mart.  So anyway that quick flash about my gaming/thriting history is why I think I can bring some good information to the table in regards to creating a useful and entertaining blog.

I plan on talking bout my scores, flipping, retail deals, funny stories, and a multitude of other topics about this crazy hobby. I want to show how I can afford to collect and not have to sell my body parts on the black market to pay for this expensive hobby/addiction. So I hope my writing will intrigue you enough to come back and visit my blog in the future ,because I do have a lot of useful information and I hope I can entertain a little along the way too.

PS I do not condone selling China White Heroine to school aged children behind the local Wal-Mart.  Show a little class and at least go behind the Meijer.








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