To Grandmother’s House I Pick.

Have you ever been in the right place at the right time and it lead you to an amazing video game haul at a grandmother’s cat pissed soaked home? No??? Well it just so happens I have and it was freaking hilarious.  Let’s start at the beginning.

I was out game hunting and was pretty much striking out everywhere I went.  I managed to find some cheap clearance games at Target that I decided to try to flip for a quick buck at a  video game store. Yes, you can almost always make more money flipping a game on Ebay or Amazon, but sometimes its worth losing out on a little cash to flip an item quickly.  Anyway I stopped at a store called The Exchange and they basically tried to offer me a set of magic beans, a ball of lint, and an a nasty insult about my mother for my games instead of a decent cash offer. I not so politely declined and I walked out of the store.  As I was walking out I noticed a guy walking in with a single NES game in his hand.  I put my stuff in my car and hung around for a minute or two to see if the guy was going to be coming out.  He came out fairly quick with the same game in his hand.  I asked him if they offered him a low ball offer like they did me and he told me about how his game is busted so they said they couldn’t take it.  I asked him if I could take a look at the game and he handed me a copy of S.C.A.T. He said that he knows the game goes for over a $100 online but the pins are busted.  I take a peak at the pins and notice a few pins are missing but nothing looked to abnormal.  I asked him if he would be willing to sell the game at a discounted rate since it was “busted” and all.  He agreed to sell it, but before I offered a price I poked and I prodded about any other videogame stuff he had and if he was selling any of it.  This conversational exchange lead to me being invited to drive to his Grandmother’s House and peruse through a gaming mini mecca.

I arrive at the grandmothers house to find a small house with cat piss soaked carpet and a mine field out back of cat turds.  I enter the house to find this guy’s grandmother sitting in a recliner watching the price is right. Obviously this situation is a little awkward for me as I am at this strange lady’s house trying to buy video games.  However the grandmother acts like it is extremely common for a grown man stranger to be standing in her house trying to buy video games. At this point she actually tries to get me to buy knives, tools, and anything else she thinks she can get me to walk out with. I decline multiple times and explain that I am only looking for video games.  To fast forward I look through a ton of games and we eventually start to haggle on price.  I never thought this guy would have had so much stuff for sale so I didn’t really have enough funds to properly buy it all, but there is no sense of not trying.  He throws out a curving knuckle ball price of one thousand dollars so I obviously offer him a set of magic beans, a ball of lint, and a nasty insult about his price is right watching grandmother. I could see that my low offer (200$) was making him freeze so before he could answer I raised it to 260$.  He eventually agreed on that number as long as he could take some super hero games out of the lot and keep for himself.  With the lot I was getting ready to leave with I had no problem with that so I allowed him to set aside a variety of super hero games.

Money exchanged hands and it was now time to load everything up in my car.  It took 3 or 4 trips with both of us carrying stuff out to my car.  Every time I walked pass that damn recliner the grandmother tried to get me to go to the garage and buy all of her tools. On the final trip to the car I finally tell this guy to go ahead and take me to the garage and I will look at the tools just so he could tell the grandma he tried to sell them to me.  I don’t know much about tools except for a few of the name brands that can fetch me a quick buck if I find them cheap enough. Once we are out in the garage this guy leads me to a large toolbox and I start to open  drawers and find the normal run of the mill stuff like screw drivers, wrenches,  and pliers.  I am getting ready to thank this guy for the deal and make off like a raccoon that just stole two hand fulls of cat food when I open a final drawer and find a brand name tool that I know is somewhat pricey.  Tn the drawer I see Snap On sockets and breaker bars (basically a really long ratchet).  I try to ask  the guy what he would want for the contents of the drawer and he tells me I am going to have to negotiate with granny.  I start to get a little nervous because obviously she knows her prices since the only thing I know about her at this point is she is extremely comfortable with her grandson bringing home strange men and she apparently is a Price is Right expert.  I also don’t have much room to haggle anymore because after the video game sale I am left with exactly 40$ left in my wallet.  I offer her the 40$ the contents of the drawer as well a couple of small tool boxes that are filled with drill bits.  Surprisingly she doesn’t haggle at all and agrees to sell me everything I wanted for the 40$.

At this point I go to leave the house one final time,but again I am given one last opportunity to make an extra buck.  The grandmother offers to pay me to mow her yard.  I briefly considered it, but I was afraid that the mine field of cat turds would give me mesothelioma or some communicable disease.  In reality I was ready to make off with my haul before anyone changed their mind. I thanked the strange grandmother/grandson duo and I made one final trip to the garage to load my tools into my car.  I notice there was a final tool bag on the floor that I somehow overlooked so I decided to take one last peak before I head out. In the bag there was not a single tool however the bag was full of shotgun ammunition.  I showed the guy the contents of the bag and all he said was “I didn’t even know she has a shotgun”  I thanked him one last time and peeled out of his drive as quickly as I could leaving with one hell of a story,  a car load of tools and video games, and a lingering smell of cat urine on my shoes.

This story is all true and I can’t fully explain how weird a situation it was.  I was extremely lucky though.  The weeks that followed I sold all of those tools and made nearly enough money on just the tools to pay for the whole lot of tools and video games. I sold off all the doubles of stuff I wasn’t keeping and made a few hundred bucks profit as well as I got to keep a ton of dreamcast games, the copy of S.C.A.T. as well as a ton of random common nes, genesis, and ps2 games.

The photo at the top is a photo of everything I picked up that day. The best part is after I tested S.C.A.T. it worked great with no issues.  The pickup as well as making the nice profit on the day was awesome, but being part of such a wacky story is what drives me to game hunt.  The interactions that I make with people on a daily basis is a constant surprise and always is entertaining.

I hope that that you enjoyed this post and I look forward to sharing more with everyone!

PS.  I want to leave everyone with a final tip.  Don’t be afraid to flip things that aren’t in your wheelhouse. I learn new things every day about selling different products. I’m not an expert on all things that can be sold, but when you build a knowledge base about a variety of products and brands you just might stumble into a situation where a little information will go a long way like it did for me in this case with tools.  Just something to keep in mind ;).


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