The Art of Bundling

So the other day I managed to actually get a score off of craigslist, which hasn’t happened since that time I accidental miscategorized my looking for games ad in the “personals” section instead of in “video games”.

So I was browsing through craigslist bypassing the normal $200 NES minis, $400 Switch systems, and a ton of last generation bundles when I saw a listing for a Wii U with quite a few games. The picture for this blog is the actual picture of the entire lot I picked up.

Now my tip for anyone reading this is to always, always, always ask if the person has more games/gaming related items.  This includes craigslist, facebook, garage sales, anyone that you are buying game stuff from.  There is always a chance that whatever they are selling is just a small sampling of what they might be getting rid of.  In this case I messaged the guy and first stated that I was interested in the bundle (that way I am put on the list first in case other buyers message him) and then asked him if he happened to have any other video game stuff for sale.  He messaged me back and stated that he had a “New” Nintendo 3DS XL listed on craigslist as well.  I found his listing and saw that he actually had both bundles listed for great prices to begin with.  The Wii U Bundle was priced at $215 and the 3DS was listed at $105.

This is where one of the greatest tools in any game hunters arsenal was used the “bundle”.  Bundling everything you can from one seller can drastically reduce your overall price of items as it is more convenient for a seller to sell things all at one time to the same person.  Especially on craigslist as they only have to meet/drive one time as well.

I offered the seller an even $300 for both bundles and he accepted.  Now in most cases I would normally try to offer significantly less, but I felt that his prices were already pretty freaking good so I was happy to save an extra $20 bucks from his starting prices.

One of the best parts about using a bundling approach is taking whatever you need from everything and selling off the rest in an attempt to recoup the costs spent on the lot.  In this case I actually needed quite a few of the games for my own collection (Mario: Color Splash, Splatoon, Sonic Racing, Mario Tennis, Captain Toad, and Mario Party)

At the time of writing this I have already sold the Wii U console, Yoshi’s Wolly World, Mario Kart 8, and Mario Maker for $246. For all of you playing along at home that has me in at only $54 and I am pretty confident that I will be able to sell the 3DS for $100 profit.  So after that sale I will basically have gotten 6 Wii U Games for free as well as approximately an additional $50 to put toward future collection purchases.

Getting lots of games like this is how I have been able to acquire probably 80%-90% of my collection.  Taking the extra funds gained from profit has allowed me to acquire the rest.  Creating a video game collection is something that can be done not only on a budget, but with a profit margin if done correctly.



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